Team #thick&fit

I have some MAJOR body issues and I think it stems from the fact that I was a fat kid. Although, currently, I’m not considered “fat”, but “thick”, I still feel very self conscious when it comes to my body. Often, I can’t help but fantasize about how much different my life would be if I was thin. I would be able to chose from a plethora of bathing suites in stores, I could wear a cute two piece at the beach, crop tops in summer..hell, I could wear anything. Coming from a family of skinny women, I have always been known and described as the “fat” one, when it came to distinguishing myself from my sisters or cousins. I could never eat like everyone else, so I constantly had to watch my my food intake while others were ingesting thousands of calories with no care in the world. Despite being careful with my calorie intake and exercising constantly, I never lost a single pound. In fact, I seemed to always gain weight. Many times, I have heard some of my family members complaining about how they are too skinny and would do anything to put on weight(how I wish I could say that). Being bigger than everyone has never been fun. Family gatherings are a nightmare, especially when everyone seems to have an opinion about how much you weigh.

Recently, however, I have come to the realization that maybe I’m not actually supposed to be skinny. Skinny is beautiful, but maybe it’s not beautiful for every single human being in this world. I mean, I have thick thighs that I just can’t get rid of and I have a feeling that if I loose a lot of weight my body might not look proportional.

A few days ago, I was watching a music video by Trina, who many people have described as “thick and sexy”. Looking at her body and how good she looked,  I decided to use her as an inspiration for a new fitness journey. I googled ” thick and fit women” and in that moment, I was introduced to a new idea of sexy. The women I saw were not skinny and were far from being overweight. With their thick thighs, hips and big butt they looked good. After this realization, I told myself that my new goal is not to try to be a size 2. I want to be part of a team of women that embrace their thickness. I don’t want to lose my butt, my shape or my hips, but I want to be fit and healthy and lose a bit of excess fat. Of course it will be a very difficult journey and I’m going to have to research everything from exercises to nutrition, but I will not be aiming for a thigh gap anymore…

I must say, after accepting the fact that I will probably never be skinny, I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. It felt really good!!

The following pictures are of a few thick (and fit) women that will be inspiring me through this journey…#teamthick&fit




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